Music Appreciation

Music is my stress reliever. Music is always there for me, when I’m sleeping, keeping me up, traveling, or doing my plates. Music also taught me how to move on. Yuck, cheesy but yeah sure I owe it to all the artists out there. Music taught me how to express my feelings. Through dancing and singing. Music helped us all in so many different ways. Indirectly or directly.

If I can just listen to music everyday without doing anything or just dancing to it, seriously I will do it. Well, I’ve done it before. I was just listening to songs and dancing and searching and downloading and searching for more and discovering some more music and share it to other people! I don’t really stick to one genre. I love all the genres ranging from Bossa Nova to Heavy Metal Rock. Jazz to Dubstep. From Michael Buble to Arctic Monkeys. Even TSwift & JBiebs to Alpine. Or from N.E.R.D. to Kimbra. And Sitti to Fall Out Boy. I just love listening to music. Aaah so uhm in behalf of everyone, to all those artists and producers out there, great job! Thank you for keeping us all inspired! We love you! haha

So here are some of my faves (I was more into indie & some dubstep this month)

  1. Youth – Daughter
  2. Gasoline – Alpine
  3. Multiplication – Alpine
  4. Settle Down – Kimbra
  5. Awkward – San Cisco
  6. Not The Same – Tanlines
  7. Dance Dance Dance – Lykke Li
  8. Glowing In The Dark – Cider Sky
  9. Shooting Stars – Cider Sky
  10. The Sea – Swim Deep
  11. I Can’t Get You Off My Mind – Miss Li
  12. Shake It Out (Acoustic) – Florence + The Machine
  13. Forest Eyes – Jinja Safari
  14. Medicine – Daughter
  15. Lullabies – Yuna (Adventure Club Remix)
  16. Can’t Control Myself – Krewella
  17. Atmosphere – Kaskade
  18. The One – ZEDS DEAD & Omar Linx
  19. Rolling Stones T-shirt – Dada Life
  20. Turn It Up! – Dodge & Fuski

Yeahp, I love sharing music to people. I believe that music draws us close to other people. I love people who have a thing for music too. All those music lovers who love to share their music. Exchanging songs or artists, for me, is like the fastest way to bond with others. Wait what! we’re listening to same genre, same song, or same artist? I love you already! I love my friends who randomly tweet or pm me soundcloud/8tracks/youtube links. They’re like the best! It’s like yes they remember me! They’ll be like “Hey Nads, listen to this”.

Featuring my fave of the month: Cider Sky


A Cider Sky is that breathtaking moment when the Sun takes a bow and wishes goodnight to the day. Flashing a bright orange smile, he welcomes his old friend the Moon. Bathed in a glow of rusty light, the stars begin to get themselves comfortable for their nightly watch. It’s a time when magical things can happen.

Simon Wilcox and Shridhar Solanki met in London by accident. But theirs was a beautiful accident and another chance meeting in Los Angeles led to the creation of their critically acclaimed single, ‘Northern Lights’, which made it’s debut in the Twilight Saga film, Breaking Dawn. This was followed by the pair’s debut EP ‘King’.

Wilcox and Solanki’s musical mission is to put forth a little more beauty and light into the world. Full of positive energy, love and optimism, their songs resonate with that moment at dusk when the last few brilliant rays of sunshine refract a Cider Sky.


Aaaand listen to Daft Punk’s new album: Random Access Memories huhhhhh whatcha thinkkkkk after 7 years, eh? They still got it! Still love them!

I hope you had a great May! Have a happy June! Don’t forget to welcome June with music! How about Shooting Stars Sun City Remix?

xo, Nadine