TGIF: Hey I Heard You Were A Wild One | March 16, 2012 | 7th High

with Caryl, my forever bitch ❤ we always do wild things togethaaa since HS man! #LEDGE

Caryl and Jigo. Jigo was our driver last night lol he’s the best! ❤

with Karlo. Hahaha blurred shitty photo is blurred and shitty haha

Skyy Vodka ❤ and oh btw, they have this promo 2 san mig beers = 1 glow stick lol idk what happened to our glow sticks we lost em all 😦 we bought like 8 san mig = 4 glow sticks 😐 ugh hahaha. I don’t really drink beer tho. I hate beer haha I just love em glow sticks ❤

Caryl, Jenny & Shiela

And last night I thought it was DJ Eliac. It’s DJ EURIC pala mehn =))

then I bumped into my college worlite classmates lol and danced with them for like 6 songs I guess, haha cus my friends were MIA that time so yeaaah I didn’t know they also party ❤

love her bra meeehn! Hahaha it’s pink homies!

Karlo was kinda drunk last night. Well, we’re all kinda drunk last night hahahaha

with Shiela, Bee and Jenny.

Last night was a blast! Thanks to all of em! Hihi