Dinner with the Seballos Clan @ Yakimix

April 14, 2012 @ Yakimix, Greenbelt

I missed them. While post processing these photos, I was smiling lang the whole time. It’s actually great to see them again. We have a big big happy family. Lol we reserved 2 long tables sa yakimix. Kulang pa nga kami. Yung iba nasa states and Ilo-ilo pa. So parang nag-mini reunion kami. I love my family so much! It makes me smile seeing them so happy and full. Hahahaha!

Observe! Kuya’s plate and my plate. Hahahaha!

We love food, okay?

1st pic: Kuya Gyno, Kuya Nikko and Kuya Pao

2nd pic: Tita Babes(Kuya Nikko’s mom), Tita Ni(Kuya Pao’s mom), Mommy(Our mom haha)


My dessert and Kuya Nikko’s dessert hahahahaha! Omg

Ate Mai, Kuya Gyno and Kuya Pao 🙂 Hahaha Kuya Gyno and Kuya Pao were trying to copy my smile lol.

Hahaha the dads and their children. Yeahp we have a crazy family. Feeling boyband daw sila sa last picture haha

Hah! I have an awesome dinner and I really had fun bonding with my family. They’re the best! ❤

I think we’re going to greenbelt again next saturday or sunday, pero kami kami nalang magpipinsan. Haha para mas may freedom daw and we can go anywhere lol. & my cousin wants a photoshoot. Haha yaaay!


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