Meeting @ ATC

I had a meeting with my tumblr friends/co-organizer for the upcoming event, ATCMU II 🙂

With mah homieeeee~<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
(c) legalnasijam

And yeahp, my brother was also there. Haha we used his car and we picked up Jam before we went to ATC.

Jam Callanta (@legalnasijam)

Just got home from atc! Had a meeting with the organizers of atcmu :-)<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
So nagbonding ulit kami ng home guurrrrl ko lol &amp; we made a video. I’ll upload it tonight or maybe tomorrow, my family and I are going to have dinner @ greenbelt in a bit. Bye~

So this is Jam 🙂 My home gurrrrrl/nigga/soulmate lol.

Yeahp, I used my digi cam lang yesterday. (c) Jam Callanta

The boys

Arthur (@chunkybuyoy)

Arthur. Our photographer/camera man lol. We made a video pa kasi ni Jam siya yung camera man. Na-edit and upload ko na yung teaser ng video ni Jam actually. Hahah I’ll post it in a bit.

So candid I love it ❤

I really had fun with them! ❤ I missed bonding with them kasi. I’ll see them next saturday ulit haha yaaay!

xo Nadine


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